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  • “Archimedes motivated me to create a Vanguard and a Robinhood account. I was able to make an investment and adjust my 401(k).”
    Kieley Crisp
    31, Nashville

    For Beginners

    Learning to invest shouldn’t feel like folding a fitted sheet. You don’t want to be making it up as you go either. Discover how simple and easy it is.

    Take your first step
  • “I’ve learned bits and pieces about crypto here and there but never got the full picture explained to me in a way that was easily understood until now.”
    Andrew Fitzgerald, CFA
    35, Boston

    For Crypto HODLers

    From million dollars pixels to new ways to lend, crypto is a new frontier. We’ll help you understand if crypto is right for you and how to get started.

    Follow the rabbit
  • “I just figured out how my 401k works, and am enrolled in ESPP. Archimedes helped me answer all my questions.”
    Michaela Alexander
    34, Oakland

    For Retirement savers

    Whether you plan to stop working at 40 or 70, you’ll eventually retire. You need to be prepared to live out the golden years with or without Social Security.

    Plan for the future
  • “Lots of tools easily let me execute trades but I hardly ever use them because I lack the confidence. Archimedes gives me that confidence.”
    Albert Ho
    36, Boston

    For Options traders

    Options are complex and used to manage risk. Before starting, you need to know how to sidestep mistakes that can lose all of your hard-earned money.

    Manage the risks
  • “My company uses Carta to issue stock options. It has some education, but Archimedes was much more helpful for me to make decisions.”
    James Ayoub
    27, Hoboken

    For Employees

    Finding someone at work to explain your stock compensation can be difficult. Yet, understanding our equity early can save you thousands in taxes later.

    Save on taxes
  • Learn through play

    See the long-term effects of your investing decisions by playing Paper Chase, a turn-based game by Archimedes. Play today to prevent Mr. Sinister from taking over your family business.

    • Practice investing in stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and real-estate
    • Real calculations to you help learn how to optimize taxes
    • Make decisions about startup stock options and RSUs
    • See how economic news and cycles impact markets
    • Learn how to use debt responsibly
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Don't be misled by comments on the internet. Trust experts in the field instead.


    SooMan Wolffs, CFA

    SooMan is the Vice President at Manhattan Venture Partners where he invests in pre-IPO companies.


    Bryce Tolman, MBA

    Bryce has 15+ years of experience in the public and private markets as an options trader.


    Nathan Gurr, CPA

    Nathan is an expert in crypto -asset valuations. He runs the Crypto Cartography discord and researches coins weekly.


    Mike Zung, CFP

    Mike is the founder of Java Wealth Planning. He specializes in equity compensation, investment management, and financial planning services.