"Man has always learned from the past. After all, you can't learn history in reverse!"

Dec 2021

Where do you place your trust today?

"Trust is to capitalism what alcohol is to wedding receptions: a social lubricant." - Jeremy Useem, The Atlantic.

Jan 2021

Short squeezes and market makers

What happened in the GME short-squeeze? How does a gamma squeeze work?

Nov 2020

Just Buy The Dip

I once made a bet with a friend on buying the dip. How did it turn out and what does it mean to buy the dip?

Oct 2020

The Canary of All Street

Why does Wall Street pay attention to the 10-year bond yield? What do I need to know as a retail investor?
SPACs—A Tale of Two Brokerages

What are SPACs and how do I trade them appropriately?
Direct listings — the next big short

What are direct listings? What are things I should consider before buying a direct listing on the first day?
Taking money off the table

“How do I know when to sell?” is a question that is asked frequently among emerging investors I know. Unfortunately, this question is often asked after a major loss wipes out gains and sometimes entire portfolios.

Sep 2020

Robinhood might be robbing your hood

Outside of payment-for-order-flow, what are some other risks to using Robinhood?
Bitcoin and cryptocurrency as alternative asset classes

What is Bitcoin? What risks are there to investing in cryptocurrency?

Mar 2020

How the banks fought back against covid-19

How do Banks help secure and bolster the economy during Black Swan Events?

Jan 2020

The risk of lawmakers to a business

What risks do lawmakers pose to business I invest in?

Dec 2019

Cost of capital: a timeless statement

What is the cost of capital? I have heard this before but what do I need to know?

Oct 2019

Consumers, Subsidies, Profitability, Oh My! | Archimedes

Why do companies offer products for free? Should I be worried about investing in these companies?

Sep 2019

What Makes a Software Business Valuable?

At Archimedes, we are building a Software as a Service (SaaS) business, and below I will touch on why SaaS companies are more valuable per dollar earned compared to non-SaaS companies.
The Repo Markets of 2019

People have been calling for a Bear market since 2019. What spooked them and why were they feeling apprehensive?
Buying an IPO on opening day 👍 or 👎?

Should I consider buying an IPO on opening day?