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For Crypto HODLers


What it’s about: Here’s the journey we’ve created for crypto HODLers. We’ve broken it all down in the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions. We give you everything you need to learn the basics, know the risks, and decide whether crypto is right for you. Then we help you get started.

Why it’s important: It’s thrilling to be part of something so new and exciting like crypto. However, we’ve also felt the pain of trying to figure it all out and realized it doesn’t need to be complicated. So, we’re building a better way and sharing it with you.

Key takeaway: You can do this. We’re just here to help.

Here is a quick rundown and a handful of lessons to try out so you know what to expect.

1 Learn the crypto lingo 4 lessons

Cryptocurrencies are a new frontier for finance and investing, and it can feel like the wild west. The space is filled with very technical words and concepts. First, we’ll break it all down so you can get comfortable with the lingo and basic ideas. You’ll be able to understand what experts are saying in the news, on social media, and on Archimedes.

Becoming an investor

Squirrels are investors. Are we investors?

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Speculating vs investing

Speculating is often confused with investing. How can tulips and GameStop teach us the difference?

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Getting started with crypto

Learn what cryptocurrency is and the technology that makes it work.
Crypto terms

Let's learn the commonly used words in the world of crypto.

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2 Learn how blockchains work 5 lessons

It’s essential to do some research before making any investment. To get a full picture, we show you how blockchains work because all crypto relies on them. This step builds confidence by knowing what you’re investing in and how crypto works. 

Bitcoin basics

Dive into Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency, and what makes it special.
Ethereum basics

Are all cryptos like Bitcoin? How are they different?

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Introduction to Crypto Part 1

Start learning the fundamentals of this innovative technology.

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Blockchain fundamentals

Learn how blockchains allow you to complete transactions securely and how new coins are created in the process.
Coming up with crypto

How does cryptocurrency work and why was it created that way?

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3 Know the risks 6 lessons

The crypto space has been really exciting, consistently making news headlines with polarizing champions and haters on both sides. However, all investments have some amount of risk. So before deciding where you stand, we’ll help you consider both the upside and downside. You’ll know what you need to do to protect yourself from losing all of your money.

Consider risk

The future is filled with uncertainty. How should we think about risk when investing?

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Risks of investing in crypto

Look at the key risks it faces as an asset class, including regulations, its association with crime, as well as the speculation and volatility.
Technological risks of crypto

Cryptocurrencies are a completely digital asset class. What are the technological risks we need to consider?

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Initial coin offering

What is an ICO and what do we need to know?

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Bitcoin and cryptocurrency as alternative asset classes

What is Bitcoin? What risks are there to investing in cryptocurrency?

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A narrative shift for Bitcoin

Public perception of cryptocurrencies has been changing. What does that mean?

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4 Decide on crypto 5 lessons

By the end of this last step, you’ll have learned a lot about crypto and be empowered to confidently make an informed decision. You’ll consider why you might want to invest in crypto. 

Crypto supply and demand

What are some of the drivers behind the price changes of cryptocurrency?

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Reasons to buy crypto

Your reason for buying crypto shapes how you’ll invest (or speculate) and which cryptocurrencies you might invest in.
Non-Fungible Tokens

NFTs have made news headlines. What are they and should we buy one?

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Pass the asset class

There are many different types of investments. What are they and what do we need to know about them?

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Opportunity cost

We experience regret. How can Robert Frost help us make better financial decisions?

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What people are saying

"I feel like so many things about financial literacy seem to be way too easy and talk down to me the whole time, or assume I know everything and talk to me like a wall-st day trader. This app does a great job of finding that sweet spot in the middle - Great introductions to diverse topics, and it all seems driven by the question “is this branch of investing right for me? Lets find out, and if it is, lets give you the info you need to make your own smart choices.” Its clear this team is super passionate about what they do."
Kim Fessenden

"Invest with confidence and purpose 👊  Archimedes is amazing! They’ve created an intuitive platform that explains—in simple terms—many investing concepts and strategies. This enabled me to invest more confidently and with purpose. I now know what my money is doing and why. In the Wild West of meme stocks, get rich fast schemes, and crypto, Archimedes provides grounded information from trusted sources. It’s invaluable!"

"Makes learning finance enjoyable. I’ve always been curious about Bitcoin and crypto but never found a resource that struck the right balance of explaining it thoroughly without overwhelming me with technical lingo. Archimedes struck the perfect balance.