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For Retirement Savers


What it’s about: Here’s the journey we’ve created for retirement savers. We’ve broken it all down in the simplest terms, in the most convenient definitions. We give you everything you need to learn the basics, the resources to open a retirement account, and the confidence to start investing.

Why it’s important: Investing is awesome and it’s helped us reach our financial goals. However, we’ve also felt the pain of trying to figure it all out and realized it doesn’t need to be complicated. So, we’re building a better way and sharing it with you.

Key takeaway: You can do this. We’re just here to help.

Here is a quick rundown and a handful of lessons to try out so you know what to expect.

1 Learn the lingo 10 lessons

Retirement is something people often put on the back burner. They usually put off planning and putting money away for it because it feels so far away...until it’s right around the corner. That’s when it’s too late. Don’t underestimate the cost of waiting. When it comes to investing for retirement, nothing will make you richer than giving your money more time to grow.

Becoming an investor

Squirrels are investors. Are we investors?

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Commonly used words

Let's step through some commonly used words in the world of investing.

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The magic of compounding returns

It's a mistake to underestimate the cost of time. How much are we missing out on when waiting to invest?

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Planning for retirement

What do you want your retirement to look like? Even though it might be a long time from now, it’s fun to dream about those years!
Creating investment goals

Goals are essential to successful investing. So how do we come up with them?

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Goal-based investing

It’s easy to get off-track without a map. So how do we invest without getting lost?

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Adding investment milestones

After prioritizing our invesment goals, how do we set ourselves up for success?

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Consider risk

The future is filled with uncertainty. How should we think about risk when investing?

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Net worth

Nicolas Cage is an award-winning Hollywood actor. What are some financial decisions that cause the biggest stars to fall?

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Opportunity cost

We experience regret. How can Robert Frost help us make better financial decisions?

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2 Participate in a retirement plan 6 lessons

Many companies and organizations offer retirement plans to their employees. Perhaps you’ve heard of 401(k)s or 403(b)s somewhere before. These accounts have some great benefits and make investing for retirement incredibly simple, with less effort than it takes to make your bed in the morning.

Retirement account benefits

What are some advantages of using retirement accounts?

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Retirement accounts through work

Most employers offer retirement plans for our benefit, but what are they?

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Retirement account restrictions

Retirement accounts have some great benefits, but are there strings attached?

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Setting up a 401(k)

Walk through the process including all of the things you need to set up your retirement account.
Changing jobs and rollovers | Archimedes

Know what to do when you change jobs and how you can take your investments with you.
Traditional vs Roth

Learn about different types of accounts and the tax-saving strategies for now and later.

3 Start with a basic portfolio 9 lessons

You’ll finally get things up and running with a really basic portfolio. It takes surprisingly little effort to put your money to work. With direct deposits from your paychecks and your account making automatic investments for you, it can be as easy as “set-and-forget”.

Benchmarking and realistic expectations

Creating goals and using strategies are important for success. How do we know if our strategy is working and how do we set reasonable expectations?

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Passive investing

Find out who won a mysterious $1 million bet using the easiest way to invest.

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Mutual funds vs ETFs

Mutual funds and ETFs are two very common investments. What is the difference and how do we know which one to go with?

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Target-date funds

Discover target-date funds, the all-in-one investment designed with goals like retirement in mind.
Timing the markets

We're afraid to lose my money. Should we wait until there's a perfect time to buy?

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Popular passive ETFs

We're ready to start investing with ETFs. How do we decide which ones?

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Picking dividend earning ETFs

Building out an income or dividend portfolio creates a steady flow of cash. What are some good examples of dividends ETFs and how do we compare them?

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Getting to know stocks

What are stocks and why do investors buy or sell them?

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Getting to know bonds

Governments and companies can borrow money. How can we make it an investment opportunity?

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What people are saying

"Its time to grow up and start saving yet I had no idea how..this app should be called Investing for Dummies, it HELPED ME SO MUCH! Within 1 week I knew how and where to put some money, I started small but looking forward to watching it grow." 
Tracy Danee

"Archimedes has been a Fun yet Effective way to increase my financial I.Q. Whether I decide (in the future) to invest on my own or invest with a professional. On the app I had the option to choose a outcome-- say "saving for retirement"-- and after choosing the outcome, Archimedes offers a lesson plan designed to educate me on what I should know to make a intelligent decision. The lesson plan I followed (saving for retirement) was very well put together; with the reading material broken up by little videos that expounded more on the topic; and 1-2 question quizzes to encourage my engagement. Learning isn't black and white.... Some learn by reading; some by listening; some by doing. I am left with the impression that---being cognizant of this--the folk at Archimedes put together the lesson in such a way, that no style is left out and me, the user, has multiple inputs by which to learn. I encourage you--whether you're just starting on your investing journey or looking for a way to increase your financial I.Q. to try it out--- It's a great App!" 
Joseph Jackson