How can I lower my potential tax bill?

Lesson in Course: FAQ (beginner, 20min)

A four step guide to help minimize future taxes owed.

Depending on the type of stock options you have, you can trigger separate taxes when you exercise and when you sell shares. However, there are strategies available to help you minimize taxes owed.

Let's start by understanding an unusual tax law that applies to ISOs.

1. Alternative Minimum Tax

What is alternative minimum tax and how does it affect us?

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2. The 100k Rule for ISOs

ISOs have tax benefits that NSOs don't. Is there a limit that I should be aware of? 

Beware of the split
3. Exercising early

I understand an option is an agreement that allows me to buy shares in the company. Should I ever buy shares early?

Locking taxes in early
4. Qualified Small Business Stock

I am an early employee at a startup. What do I need to know to save up to millions in taxes.

What is QSBS?