November 2021

Lesson in Course: Updates (expert, 5min)

Archimedes investor update for November 2021.

Hey Folks,

We’ve been heads down finishing up the visual refresh in preparation for our GA launch of the investment coach product before mid-December.

This update will cover the months of October and November.


This update is written in the format of our lessons and it gives you a look at the new styles. 

Quiz update

One of the biggest updates is our quiz interface. The new interface feels great and offers more hints and error handling.

 Our early users have indicated that certain quizzes were too hard to complete the lessons. The new hint states should greatly improve the experience.

We've finished up our intro to options trading curriculum. We worked with Bryce, an Archimedes expert who has over 15 years of experience trading options, to get this ready. Below is a link to a sample lesson on theta decay.

Archimedes - The decay of time

I understand that price movements introduce risk to options. Is there another big risk that I need to consider?

We've also finished our intro videos from Ashley. They are plugged into our goals.

Learn how blockchains work

Lastly, we've also finished our promotional pages to promote our affiliate partners. Here's an example of Alto's page.

Alto IRA | This IRA is made for crypto

With a self-directed IRA from Alto, you can invest your retirement money in alternative assets. Things like startups, crypto, and more!

See the promotional page


I'll follow up on some of the metrics we've been measuring. We paused inviting early users over the last two months to prepare for our GA launch.

We are starting to get a baseline of session length
The average Session Duration was 11:49 for November and 17:17 for October

While this isn’t a continued up and to the right chart, we’re not particularly surprised. We’ve designed our content to be bite-sized and not to be binged. We’ll continue to observe over the next few months to see if we've found an average baseline.

As we find out more, avg session length could become less meaningful to report over time. 

Activity dropped for the last two months

As a refresher, activity measured includes: progressing through lessons, completing and starting new goals, watching videos, or playing the game.

The biggest drop was in activity per session. A few possible reasons here:

  1. Users have finished the content they are interested in
  2. Churn over time
  3. After initial exploring, people prefer shorter sessions to learn

We are unsure about the main reason. It could be a combination of all three listed above. 

Lessons passed per user held steady and dropped last month. This could be also due to the similar reasons above. Or content is getting harder. 

We need to start to define and segment user cohorts to understand these observations better.

Goals completed per active user

Goals completed per user increased in October but dropped significantly in November. We think that the lessons completed per user metric hinted towards this. Fewer lessons completed resulted in fewer goals completed. But also, each goal represents a first step taken by the user. Without significant new user acquisition, we could very much be at the end of the relevant goals for the early users. 

We'll continue to monitor this after our launch. 

We still have great content NPS

Our content NPS still remains largely unchanged. We saw a very small drop in plan for retirement.

We continue to understand our user's goals better than any other platform.

Expand for investor profiles

Users have taken their first steps into crypto with us at the end of a goal.

With many wanting to continue to learn more with us.

Our users also trust us in our recommendations. We have a sign-up bonus referral in place with Coinbase.

A big portion of our user base is beginning to invest for the first time.

Our users come from different socio-economic backgrounds.


Looking forward

We are super excited about the GA launch of our wedge into the advisor + content market. It's been so exciting and incredible to see our early users take their first steps in what they've considered intimidating and impossible before Archimedes.

There are a few areas of focus for us going into the new year.

  1. Acquisition—we are currently working to implement starter packs where consumers can interact with our lessons on our marketing page. This will allow Google to start indexing all of our content
  2. Acquisition—we'll start offering Archimedes free for all employers
  3. Tracking—there are some plans to improve our tracking such as cohorts and goal continuation so we can better answer some of those questions


I am looking to extend our runway by opening $750K in a convertible note as we prove out a few areas before our seed. I would appreciate any intros to angels who might be interested in what we're building. Our deck is here.

As always thanks for your support!