Path to Bitcoin

Lesson in Course: Work in progress (expert, 112min)

Follow this historical breakdown of how Bitcoin and Ethereum arrived

Here is a series of articles that walk us through the history of how cryptocurrency came to be. Historical context gives us insights into how and why crypto is designed the way it is, and where to look for valuable innovations on the horizon.

The Introduction

3000 BC | Hiking Up Mount Blockchain

’82 | The Birth Of Digital Cash

’96 | Oncologist + Gold = Revolution?

’97 | Anybody interested in some hash(cash)?

’98 | Wei Dai — Who dat?

’98 | Make It Rain (Bit) Gold!

’03 | It’s Karma

’04 | Use me baby, one more time

’08 | Bit what? Bitcoin! — Hello world.

’13 | Ethereum — The World Computer