Should I sell my stock options?

Lesson in Course: FAQ (beginner, 4min)

A four step guide to considering a potential sale of shares.

Deciding to sell shares is a big deal. Whether your hard work is about to pay off, or you prefer to plan ahead, here is what you need to know to make your decision.

Let's learn about opportunities to sell shares early.

1. Selling our shares pre-IPO

My company is doing well and is planning to raise another round of financing. Do I need to wait for an IPO to sell?

Selling shares early
2. Our company is going public

The startup I am working at has really taken off and I have been working at the company for a couple of years. When can I sell my shares?

Preparing for the bell

Whatever our decision is, there will always be a cost associated. 

3. Opportunity cost

We experience regret. How can Robert Frost help us make better financial decisions?

Understand tradeoffs

You are going to need to prepare for the taxman. If you have planned out your exercising accordingly, you should only owe capital gains tax.

4. Capital gains taxes 

We are expected to pay taxes when we make money. What does that mean when we make money from investing?

Know what is owed